Sunshine yellow are high energy, outgoing, inspiring people who have an optimistic approach to life and work.  They are honest and very open about their feelings and their body language, such as facial expressions, that can give away their thoughts.  They are fun to be around and have a strong sense of humor that is infectious and can raise another persons spirits.  Sunshine yellow are a ‘people person’ and building relationships is very important to them. They will easily put people at ease and willingly help and naturally motivate individuals around them.  They can communicate very well, making conversation and new friends with great ease.  Due to their fun and outgoing nature, they can put a person in a good mood.  It’s hard to be upset with sunshine yellow for a long time!  They always have a brighter outlook on life, always seeing the positive side of things.  They can make quick decisions and have a fast working approach, quickly moving on through tasks.  Sunshine yellow is full of ideas and plans for the future, making them a creative thinker.  They are flexible as they readily except change and can find new ways of doing things, whilst excepting direction, even if they don’t know where it’s going.  Sunshine yellow will naturally spread joy around them always smiling and laughing and being in the thick of it as they always want to know what’s going on.  They have a highly influential character, without it being too domineering. Sunshine yellow make decisions using their feelings, so they will consider others and how they will be affected.  They have an extraversion attitude, so they will speak to think as they may not know their thoughts until they have verbalised it, being more involved and responsive. 


They will always be enthusiastic when working on a project and may even take you out of your comfort zone depending on what colour energy you are.  It will be a fast work pace too so be prepared!  They will want to get you involved as well as other group members as they like harmony and want everyone to be included and contribute.  They are nice to be around, making you feel happy and good about yourself.  Sunshine yellow have a way of inspiring you, thus influencing in to a certain direction or task that may not normally take.  Sunshine yellow is easy to talk to as they are very approachable and accepting.  If you are setting goals for a Sunshine Yellow then the way to connect with them is asking them to visualise what that end task looks like and imagining, they are already living it. 


Cool blue will see more negative aspects of Sunshine yellows energy because they are opposites and may see them as superficial and over confident.  Their quick decision-making style may seem too rash, unprepared and inaccurate for them with a high potential for mistakes.  Cool blue likes to work independently until they have analysed the data and excluding Sunshine yellow who likes to be included to thrive on a piece of work.  Sunshine yellows outgoing and enthusiastic character may at times be too much for Cool blue and be seen as indiscreet and flamboyant.  Sunshine yellow is very creative and like to come up with crazy new ideas that may not be backed up with supporting evidence for this venture.  Cool blue will struggle with proceeding such a venture until it’s been analysed causing potential frustration for Sunshine yellow. 


Sunshine yellow are a great addition to a team for their outgoing, enthusiastic and positive approach they bring.  They appreciate other team members contributions, ensuring harmony and fairness within a team environment.  They have an ability to work on many activities and enjoy variety in tasks and relationships as this stops them from getting bored quickly.   They are an imaginative problem solver and will find opportunities and solutions that other colour energies may not pursue, as they are daring and courageous and rarely have any limitations.  They will also inspire and motivate the people around them to achieve something another person may have thought was impossible which will in turn boost their colleagues confidence.  Sunshine yellow can communicate well within a team as they can create relationships very easily as they thrive off this.  They will probably be the center of any team, creating fun and laughter, making them popular team member.    They are very in tune with their environment as they can notice things about others and lift their spirits with their infectious optimistic energy, or share their ideas and experience to help a person.  Sunshine yellow has amazing persuasive skills that will not be seen as over demanding by other team members due to their charming, friendly style.   


Sunshine yellow can come across on a bad day as too excitable and hasty, making decisions too quickly without any rationale reason or backed up evidence.  The Cool blues or Earth greens may struggle with this as they like to reflect first.  They have a creative ability to think outside the box, but this may create chaos in a team as they frantically go about it in a non-logical manner.  If relationships are not working well in a team and are strained, sunshine yellow will not function properly.  They can be seen as a chatterbox, so may make a story of answering a question and may at times deviate away from the actual issue.  This will definitely be an annoying behavior for Fiery red, who just want you to get to the point!  It could also be seen that they talk too much and do not listen enough.  For example, they may like to talk about their ideas and themselves and interrupt others in a meeting.  Working in a structured way may seem boring and restrictive at times, fixed by systems seen as suffocating and limiting their creative flare.  They like to work at a fast pace, so can get easily bored making administration and follow ups not one of their strengths.  They are great at launching projects due to their enthusiasm, but not great at finishing tasks as they want to move on.