The energy of fiery red is controlling such as a strong director or leader who will be results driven and task focused.  They will know what they want, have boundless ambition and know how they will get it by an organised plan, clearly and effectively communicating their intentions.  They have a direct and firm manner and are a natural leader as willingly take on authority and responsibility.  They are extraverted and tend to speak to think and are more responsive having a logical thinking function.  Their attitude to work is committed, determined and hardworking and demand high standards of both themselves and the people around them.  They are really good at long term planning and do not hesitate at challenging the ‘norm’, so can be seen as a reformer by quickly implementing changes as they are constantly looking for better ways to work.  They are never idle and always doing something, as fiery red is driven to always be looking ahead and self-improving themselves.  They have minimal interest for caution in a relationship, so will be clear and direct when communicating, not feeling uncomfortable by being blunt, “just say it how it is!” Fiery red is very honest and truthful, because they are not scared to share their opinions and express their thoughts.  This means they value honest team members and will not tolerate dishonesty.  Many entrepreneurs tend to be Fiery Red due to their fearless, challenging nature, not daunted by the unknown and determined to drive things forward. 


They also value competence and efficiency, making quick decisions and expecting that of the people around them.  The best way of working with Fiery Red is ‘be brief, be bright, be gone!’.  They do not like time wasters or fluff and may become frustrated with an individual if they hesitate on a decision or get behind on a task.  Therefore, be organised with the relevant information or completed work on time and do not be late for a meeting!  They believe that nothing is impossible, so be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone as they are risk takers!  It will always be fast pace when working with Fiery Red and you can always count on them to give you clear direction as they will have their plan! 


Earth Green will see more negative aspects of Fiery Reds energy because they are opposites.  Their quick decision-making style may seem too rash or unfair, as Earth Green wants harmony, ensuring decisions are made with everyone involved.  The direct and bold communication style of Fiery Red may offend the sensitive nature of Earth Green.  As Fiery Red is always challenging the status quo and readily strives to make changes quickly, this can be unsettling to Earth Green.  This can be seen as stubborn and resisting a positive change in the eyes of Fiery Red or even that they are docile or a plodder as they can’t keep up with the fast pace of Fiery Red.  However, with these two preferences being total opposites they can also achieve richer results as they bring total opposites energies to the equation.  The combination of Fiery Reds challenging nature and Earth Greens supportive energy it can lead to great positivity in a team situation.  


As a leader of a team Fiery Red will only take on relevant tasks and say no work not seen as priority, giving a team a sense of security as they know they are protected by their leader.  They will protect and defend their team from any unjust blame, but hold on tight if it is you that has made the mistake!  They are strong and a forceful negotiator with their direct manner, which can be an advantage to a department if their manager is influential and not weak.  They have an ability to juggle a number of projects, prioritising tasks well and delegating actions effectively bringing direction to each project which is effective to any team.  They have a great enthusiasm for life making Fiery Red a dynamic, energetic and efficient individual bringing positivity to a team.  They will move discussions on in a meeting, if in their eyes the meeting is dragging on and going around in circles.  They like and will lead quick effective meetings ensuring task ownership.  They will drive their team members to achieve better results, helping others to improve their ways.  They are good to have in a team where others individuals may give up, they will persist with their determination to succeed and achieve the impossible! 


Fiery Reds energy can come across as aggressive, intolerant and overbearing if things are getting out of control.  At times they may seem overly demanding, hot tempered or impatient as they are very quick to make decisions and eager to move on to the next task.  Their desire to break away from the ‘norm’ can leave team members unsettled if their energy preference is Earth Green or Cool Blue.  Their competitiveness can leave individuals feeling irritated or intimidated at times which can have a negative impact on a team.  Their quick decision making style and not being afraid to take risks will annoy or unsettle Cool Blue who like to analyse first.