The lead characteristic for earth green is a supporter who want others to do well and will work with others to accomplish a goal or complete a task, getting personal fulfillment from this.  Earth green is the most balanced with no extreme characteristics of the four energies.  They have a calm, leisurely and easy-going approach to work and life.  They are also helpers who are warm sociable people wanting positive relationships in their life and are concerned for the welfare and happiness of others. Their belief is that if you respect and value someone, this will result in getting the best out of a person. They have a conscientious, consistent way of working and are trustworthy and dependable on a task.  This is an advantage when consistent performance is required.  Earth green is introvert in nature as they like to think to speak and will observe, reflect, and carefully assess before delivering a conclusion on something.  Their decision making is based on personal values and will be highly considerate to who may be affected, so decisions are based on feeling and people. They will not get caught up in the detail and instead ‘feel’ their way through a situation.  Highly tolerant and patient in situations and make a very good listener, who may not offer solutions or agree with what is being said, but intently listen. 


They have a realistic approach, are quietly productive and are good at getting on with routine tasks, making them a reliable team member.  They are sensitive, so when delivering feedback be aware of this as criticism can be taken personally. If a job or goal has been completed ensure you recognise this with positive feedback, because this is highly important to earth green.  Stability and routine are the preferred environment and way of working, so if you are managing earth green be aware of this and manage changes sensitively to ensure a positive outcome.  They are easy to work with because of their easy going and dependable manner who avoid conflict.  They will not take the spotlight away from you or begrudge your success.  They will deliver on a task which may not be done quickly, but within the set time frame as earth green does not want to fail or let a team member down.  They easily take direction or orders without arguing or disagreeing with you. 


The opposite energy to earth green is fiery red, who’s character is described as a director with their strong decisive nature looking for new challenges.  Despite being completely opposite in nature they can work well together.  Fiery red is an extrovert and Jungs ‘thinking’ function is dominant.  Whereas, earth green is introvert and Jungs ‘feeling’ function is dominant.  This can lead to them seeing and responding in opposite ways to a situation or piece of work achieving a richer result.  Earth green needs to deliver feedback to fiery red in a precise, accurate and quick manner without too much unnecessary detail to get the best response. 


As a leader of a team earth green likes to get the buy in from each team member so everyone is happy with their role and task, preventing any bad feelings and conflict so the outcome is a harmonious team.  They will feel responsible for keeping things in order and have a plan for delivering a piece of work whether independently or within a team.  Earth green is a great team member as they are empathetic, understanding what is going with others and pick on team members feelings.  They feel more relaxed in smaller teams, building good relationships as they have a pleasant approachable manner.  Due to their supportive nature, they will respond well to team members who are struggling as they will naturally want to help and encourage them.  They will not offend team members or create tension as they are a peace maker and will strive to fit in to a team.  They are good at calming people down, especially excitable sunshine yellows which in turn can lower the stress levels of other team members.  They are good at involving cool blues in to the team who may come across as cold and disconnected. 


If they are a leader of a team and naturally want to please everyone this can have a negative impact leading to not everyone being pleased.  In times of conflict may hesitate in making decisions and become indecisive and avoid confrontation to keep the peace.  They have strong values which are of great importance to them.  If these are challenged or devalued, they may become quietly resistant and not speak out about their feelings.  Earth green can be seen as stubborn or resistant if their stable routine is changed suddenly, thus meaning that change is not one of their strengths!  Their stable routine can be seen as plodding and docile by others at times which is a characteristic not favoured by fiery red if they are having a bad day!  As a leader if they are supporting team members rather than pushing them to avoid any conflict this may result people not being held accountable.  Also, inaccurate work being produced as sloppy work is not being challenged.  Their good-hearted manner can result in people taking advantage of this and earth greens workload increasing as they always say ‘yes’, because they want to please. 

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