How can my team benefit from Insights Discovery training?

What if I told you that the answer to building better and more meaningful relationships in work and your personal life lies with the colours Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Earth Green and Sunshine Yellow? Well, it’s true!


What is Insights Discovery training?

Insights Discovery uses psychometric testing to provide the insights that help us to develop greater self-awareness. The test results enable us to understand our preferences surrounding communication, and also the preferences of the people around us.
Insights Discovery provides us with a simple model that uses four colours to help us to unlock how best to interact with another person and how to maximise our communication strengths. Rather than having to use trial and error to get our boss on our side at work, or to persuade a direct report to stay on track with a project, Insights gives us a practical toolkit to enhance our communication effectiveness with others.

Who created Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery takes inspiration from the work of psychologist Carl Jung. It’s offered by Insights Group Limited and accredited practitioners such as The Mindset Advantage. The model has received statistical validation.
I first came across Insights Discovery several years ago, and I’ve seen impressive benefits from its implementation in workplaces and through using it personally.

Who is Insights Discovery for?

Insights Discovery is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to develop better self-awareness and to improve their communication skills with people in the workplace. When you complete the Insights assessment, you receive your personal Insights Discovery profile, which you can share with others who you work with. Your discovery profile is easy to understand and guides you on how to apply what you have learned when communicating with other people.
However, you get the maximum benefits from Insights Discovery when using it as a team development exercise. Insights Discovery gives you and your colleagues a safe language to use with each other when recognising behaviours that are positively contributing to the team’s harmony and performance, and also when talking about tendencies that could be causing challenges at specific moments.
In my experience of running this training, people enjoy understanding their colour energy preferences and the exercise brings them closer to others in the team. Suddenly they have safe terms like ‘Cool Blue’, ‘Earth Green’, ‘Fiery Red’ and ‘Sunshine Yellow’ to explain interactions that they enjoy and ones that they find more of a challenge.

What do the Insights Discovery colours mean?

When team members get their personal profile, they will get a reading for how their conscious and less conscious preferences align with the four Insights colour categories:

  • Cool Blue: a preference for fact, structure and objectivity
  • Earth Green: a tendency towards being considerate, trusting and reliable
  • Sunshine Yellow: a preference towards being friendly, sociable and dynamic
  • Fiery Red: a tendency towards action-focus, being commanding and efficiency

Your profile will explain your leading energy preferences and how this blend unlocks the key to your preferred communication styles.
Your discovery profile is an excellent addition to learning solutions including personal development, self-awareness, talent management and leadership development work. Discussions on your colour energy preferences are a great component of a coaching session.