Insights Discovery training benefits

What benefits will my team get from Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery can be used at any stage of a teams development to improve performance. We find it very useful to use early in model to help teams through the storming stage of team development. In the storming stage, personalities may clash. team members might disagree over how to complete a task they may even question the authority or guidance of a team leader.

Most teams can experience conflict. Some teams skip over the storming stage or try to avoid conflict at whatever cost. In my experience, teams typically enjoy the following benefits when using Insights Discovery in a training context:

  • It enhances the overall productivity of the team, as they operate more collaboratively.
  • It gives a safe language that team members use for years to come because it’s so memorable and easy to understand and apply.
  • It enhances trust as colleagues have more in-depth conversations about their needs and strategies to work better together.
  • The department lead becomes more conscious of their natural leadership style and how to adapt this in specific circumstances to get a better response from their team.
  • It drives excellent conversations between managers and their direct reports and gives them tangible ways to work more effectively together. It helps customer-facing employees to develop stronger relationships with clients, which has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Does Insights Discovery work in virtual teams?

Yes. we deliver Insights Discovery training for teams in personal and in virtual settings. The training has been adapted to suit virtual learning.

In many ways, the exercise is even more important for teams in a virtual setting, as they often have fewer visual signals when communicating with each other, so it’s incredibly important to understand each other’s preferences. For example, a team member with a ‘Cool Blue’ lead profile may prefer you to book a time in their diary to discuss a new idea. Contrast this with a ‘Sunshine Yellow’ personality type who may not understand why their colleague isn’t excited to discuss their idea right there and then!

How can I train my team on Insights Discovery?

The first step is to connect with a licensed practitioner who will organise for each of your team to get a personal Insights Discovery Profile. I then run interactive workshops with my clients, so everyone builds the self-awareness of their own communication preferences, before then turning to consider what this means within their team dynamics.

I run these workshops virtually and in person.

The next stage is then to walk away with a plan for how each individual, and the team as a collective, will use Insights Discovery to capitalise on their strengths and to solve their business challenges. I find that some teams engage so deeply with their colour energies that they choose to display their primary colour on their desk or phonebook profile, so, for example, if you see a green dot you know you are about to communicate with someone whose primary colour energy preference is Earth Green.

What’s the business case for using Insights Discovery in the workplace?

At an organisation level, my clients can expect the following benefits from training their people on Insights:

  • Enhanced communication and collaboration across the business.
  • Higher engagement when individuals and teams have the opportunity to play to their communication strengths in their role in the company.
  • Better relationships internally.
  • Increased efficiency as colleagues work better together.
  • Stronger relationships with existing and potential clients.
  • Bottom line improvements.

My story with Insights Discovery

For me, my Insights Discovery profile was a breakthrough in my understanding of why I connected so well with some colleagues and had a great rapport. At the same time, it helped me to uncover why I had to work much harder to have productive relationships with some other people.

I’ve always recognised the importance of team relationships on organisation performance, and Insights gave me a practical way to enhance communication and collaboration. I love models that are not just theories or a framework; ones that have a real practical application in the workplace.

We can help you to implement Insights Discovery in your team and organisation