Insights Colours

Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool that’s based on Jungian psychology and helps us to understand our own personality and others. Creating a common language for individuals and teams by enhancing self-awareness it can improve performance at work and help a person develop and achieve in a more positive environment.

It simply uses four colour energies; Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue, these are the insights colours.

These Insights colours represent a person’s personality and how those behavioural energies influence a person. The combination of the four Insights colours with potentially one colour dominating is what makes a person unique!

There is not one colour better than the other and the best teams have a mix of all colour energies.

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Initially, an Insights questionnaire is completed consisting of 25 multiple choice questions that takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

An in-depth report is generated giving comprehensive detail on a person’s way of communicating, decision-making style, how they are influenced or influence others and their strengths and weaknesses.

The report will show the balance of the Insights colour energies for that person and which colour energy is the lead energy. The combination together influences a person’s personality. It’s important to note that we are not one colour but a balance of all of the colour energies.

Attitude – Introversion or Extraversion

One of the things that Jung identified was a distinct type according to their attitude. These were referred to as introversion and extraversion.

We are all familiar with the terminology but specifically, Jung related the attitude to the way we react to experience.
An introverted preference being someone who likes to have their own ‘me time’ to recharge their energy levels. They can be more observing and reflective and often need to reflect through their conclusions.

People with a preference towards introversion tend to think to speak.

Whereas someone with an extroverted preference is more likely to like being with people recharge their energy from spending time with people. They tend to be more involved and engaged and prefer action over discussion and possibly easily distracted if asked to process lots of detail.

People with a preference towards introversion tend to speak to think


A person who leads with Fiery Red energy will be purposeful and determined as they are action-orientated, driving for success, and striving for high standards with their strong and influential character.

They lead with an authoritative way in a direct manner, ‘be brief, be bright, be gone!’ wanting to a get task done quickly and accurately having an ability to separate tasks from the person.

Fiery red on a bad day can be seen as aggressive, overbearing, and controlling. They will not tolerate waffle and high emotions, so need to be communicated to directly with facts.

A person who leads with Sunshine Yellow energy is a bubbly and sociable character that’s friendly and loves the company of others, thus bringing a positive and enthusiastic vibe to a team.

They have a persuasive and engaging manner, loving to speak about their thought process with a positive attitude and full of new ideas. They can become bored with too many details and do not like being isolated or left out as they need people around them. They are creative so do not like being tied down by routine.

On a bad day they may come across as hasty or flamboyant and become stressed when restricted with their flexibility.

Someone who leads with Earth Green energy is patient, caring and like to encourage and seek harmony making them great team players.

Meaningful relationships are important and there’s a need for people to rely on them and please others. They defend their values with a strong determination.

Their good nature should not be taken advantage of with workload or push them in to a quick decision. They can get stressed when treated unfairly or when their values are at stake.

On a bad day they can come across as stubborn or resistant if faced with unexpected situations or change. Their attitude may also be seen as bland at times.

Someone who leads with Cool Blue energy are highly analytical and precise wanting to understand a subject or task first by having all the appropriate facts and information before making a decision.

This is because they like to be accurate and complete, before acting and remain detached and objective. This energy is cautious having a formal and organised approach, preferring written communication.

Do not rush this energy into making the wrong decision or invade their personal space. Issues important to them should be taken seriously and not dismissed even if they are not top of the agenda.

On a bad day, this energy can come across as stuffy, cold, and indecisive. Hopefully, this has given you an introduction into some of the specifics around the Insights colours.