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Great managers aren't

born, they're trained:

See how we do it

Are you frustrated by:

  • lack of employee engagement 
  • teams not reaching their potential
  • conflict within teams
  • missed opportunities
  • wasted time
  • underperformance
  • management development that doesn't deliver lasting change

Raise awareness of self and others

Learn and appreciate your natural talents and discover your strengths

Take action and change performance

Being a great Manager starts with Self-Awareness.

People who have an opportunity to use their talents and strengths are:


as likely to be engaged in their jobs


as likely to strongly agree that they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day


as likely to report having an excellent quality of life

Gallup research finds that people who know and use their strengths are more engaged at work, more productive in their role and happier and healthier. Report on Gallup.com

Hi I'm Gary Webb.

I know what it's like to feel like nobody understands what you are trying to say. I know how difficult it can be to build solid connections and great relationships. 

Throughout my 30 year career in the food manufacturing industry, I often found myself fascinated by how people behaved and how some people just seem to have great engagement and relationships at work.

This fascination lead me on a learning journey where I discovered some really powerful tools and techniques, which I used to develop a strengths-based outlook on my life and my career. 

These tools have enabled me to build great teams and achieve some amazing results for businesses just like yours.

For the last 12 years I have been building and developing teams for clients to turnaround performance. 

Using these methods you can:

  • Develop better relationships with increased awareness of how we perceive ourselves and how others may perceive us
  • Learn how to recognise other people’s work style and communication preferences and adapting your style
  • Identify your innate talents and how to maxmise these to become your absolute strengths
  • Create an environment where you will continuously improve self and team performance.

The tools I use from Insights and Gallup are world renowned and the plans we create will be action focused to ensure that you achieve your goals. 

It is really important to me that whatever I do has a practical, actionable plan attached.

There's no fluff when working with me and that's not for everyone. 

If it's for you I guarantee you will see the the difference in your work relationships and performance results.

See what my clients have to say

By helping me to understand myself, he has helped me to understand my colleagues.

"I have worked with Gary for some time and I can, in all honesty, state that he transformed the way that I as an individual and our business operated."

Steve Brown

(Technical Manager)


The group training had an immediate impact in opening up cross functional teams across our business.

"During this coaching Gary has been able to ‘speak in my language’ in order to impact my ways of thinking – guiding me, to highlight myself areas that are a focus for me in order to achieve my goals."

Issy Giles

(Head Of Operations)


Gary’s experience meant that we could focus on specific situations

"Being able to use what I’ve learned, see the impact and difference it makes and how people react, reinforced my recognition of the value. Time spent with Gary is an investment that already is and will continue to bear fruits for myself and the business for years to come. "

Michal Wojtylak

(Production Manager)


Next Steps

Schedule a call

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Agree your goals and the way forward

Get results like you have not seen before

How we can work together?


You are as unique as a fingerprint. Everybody has talents and preferences.

Lets understand how you show up at work and why. Let's start turning your talents into strengths.


The strengths and dynamics of your team directly affect your business outcomes.

A team's awareness of their strengths, leads to higher engagement and therefore performance.

Coaches & Consultants

You are already operating as a coach or consultant and you sometimes need specialist support to deliver what your client is looking for. 

Gallup Certified and an Insights Discovery facilitator I can offer this support.

The quality and performance of managers and team leaders is holding your business back.

The Mindset Advantage works with managers and teams developing self-awareness so that the potential of each team member is maximised. 

Great managers are the key to your long term success.

Get started now and raise your Self-Awareness with this simple quiz and get this free personalised guide

Every advance, every conceptual achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self-awareness

Dr Carl Jung

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