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The Mindset Advantage Model




In the storming stage, personalities may clash. Team Members might disagree over how to complete a task they may even question the authority or guidance of a team leader.

Most teams can experience conflict. Some teams skip over the storming stage or try to avoid conflict at whatever cost. 


We use Insights Discovery as a foundation tool to raise self awareness, and  build relationships in teams.

Insights Discovery is a simple and accessible four colour model, which helps us to understand ourselves and others. Every person has all four colour energies within them; it is the combination of these energies that creates each unique personality.


As the team enter the norming stage they start to resolve their differences. They will recognise of each others strengths and blind spots and they'll share a stronger commitment to the team's goals, and they should make good progress toward it.

Storming overlaps with norming. As new tasks arise, groups may still experience a few conflicts. With the foundations in place it will probably be easier to address this time.


We use Gallups Clifton StrengthsFinder as a foundation tool so that teams understand their own and each others strengths and potential blind spots. 

Strengths gives teams a common language to talk about how they can collaborate and perform effectively. 

Strengths based teams perform better, simple and that's backed by decades of research.

The Mindset Advantage is a training and consultancy business created to improve the performance of businesses by enhancing the performance of people and teams.

How we can work together?


You are as unique as a fingerprint. Everybody has talents and preferences.

Lets understand how you show up at work and why. Let's start turning your talents into strengths.


The strengths and dynamics of your team directly affect your business outcomes.

A team's awareness of their strengths, leads to higher engagement and therefore performance.

Coaches & Consultants

You are already operating as a coach or consultant and you sometimes need specialist support to deliver what your client is looking for. 

Gallup Certified and an Insights Discovery facilitator I can offer this support.

I like to think about the tools we use in the following way:

Insights Discovery helps you know who you bring to work and why,

and StrengthsFinder helps you understand what you bring to work and why

Gary Webb ‧ The Mindset Advantage

See what my clients have to say

By helping me to understand myself, he has helped me to understand my colleagues.

"I have worked with Gary for some time and I can, in all honesty, state that he transformed the way that I as an individual and our business operated."

Steve Brown

(Technical Manager)


The group training had an immediate impact in opening up cross functional teams across our business.

"During this coaching Gary has been able to ‘speak in my language’ in order to impact my ways of thinking – guiding me, to highlight myself areas that are a focus for me in order to achieve my goals."

Issy Giles

(Head Of Operations)


Gary’s experience meant that we could focus on specific situations

"Being able to use what I’ve learned, see the impact and difference it makes and how people react, reinforced my recognition of the value. Time spent with Gary is an investment that already is and will continue to bear fruits for myself and the business for years to come. "

Michal Wojtylak

(Production Manager)


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