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In business and life, how we think and what we believe is everything. Our mindset determines if we thrive in times of difficulty and uncertainty or if we descend into a spiral of despair. The power of our mindset has always fascinated me. I have made it my mission to help others to master their mindset and to experience the benefits of a mindset advantage.

Thankfully there are powerful tools that every single one of us can use to turn our perspective into one that is fully aligned with where we want to be in life.
These powerful tools can enhance your mindset in everyday life and the workplace.

Communication Preferences

You are unique, as is every person who you communicate with regularly. However, we all have patterns of communication preferences, such as whether we are enjoying throwing around ideas spontaneously in a loud group, or if we prefer quiet thinking time that we plan out in advance.
As a trained professional in Insights Discovery training, I can support you, and the essential people in your home or working life, to understand their individual communication needs and then understand how those around them like to receive communications from others. This shared understanding helps new teams to bond, to develop more effective relationships and also gives a safe language to use when dealing with challenges.


By connecting with our strengths, rather than focusing on weaknesses, we can dramatically improve our performance at work and in society. Using CliftonStrengths, also known as Gallup Strengths, I help each of my clients to uncover their unique abilities and to create a plan to maximise these strengths in each area of their lives.
I know from my own experiences with this tool, that once you are clear on your strengths, you can create a much more fulfilling life and one where you feel more valued and recognised in the workplace. This feeling of contentment at work has a dramatic effect on our overall health and happiness.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) gives us the language to influence our unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind affects our behaviours, our thoughts and our feelings.
The more we can train our unconscious mind, the more we can programme ourselves to work towards the goals that we set in our conscious mind.


When we operate from a growth mindset, we see the world as one that is full of possibilities, and one in which we have the potential to learn and grow. This outlook is the opposite of a fixed mindset, which holds us back by encouraging us to avoid challenges, to give up, to ignore feedback and to see failure as an indication of the limits of our abilities.
The more that we can operate from a growth mindset, the happier and more successful we will be. 

How can I create a mindset advantage for myself or my workplace?

I have personally experienced the most significant leaps forward in my mindset by combining all four of these powerful tools in my coaching practice:

I’m passionate about helping others to develop the mindset advantage that serves them best.
If you’re interested in an informal discussion about your mindset, goals, and challenges, or you’d like to discuss something you have read on this site, feel free to contact me.

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